What is Your Lighting Style?

Chances are you’ve heard a few different types of styles thrown out either online or in stores when you’re looking to decorate your house. It can be a little overwhelming trying to know the difference between them, so we’ve created a guide to help you determine your house style:

Contemporary and Modern

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary and modern design are frequently interchangeable terms. They are best known for clean, sleek lines, monochromatic finishes, and fine design. Contemporary and modern designs give a “everything in it’s place” type of look to rooms.


Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic is one of those interesting styles that is made up of multiple pieces. For example, one fixture alone usually isn’t “eclectic”, but put together a mixture of collaborating color palettes and shapes that compliment but don’t directly match each other – that is eclectic style.

You want to make sure you are mindful of how you incorporate eclectic styles. You want it to be all tied in together subtly, not just a hodgepodge of random items, colors and textures.

Craftsman and Mission

Craftsman Lighting

Mission style – also known as American Craftsman or just “Craftsman” for short, is a style usually defined by wooden architecture and warm deep, rich hues. Think: rustic, with clear lines. You’ll usually see real wood or faux wood pieces, golds, deep amber, browns, and blacks. This style works great in cabins and log homes, and gives them more of an updated feel.




Transitional decor is similar to traditional, but with more modern touches. It tends to have more angular, flat cuts of design than round. With lighting this means less bell shaped glass, and flat finishes rather than mottled. It’s a great stepping stone for people who grew up with traditional styles and want to go in a new direction in a way that feels natural.



Traditional Lighting

This is another style most people are familiar with and comfortable shopping for on their own. It is classic, “timeless” and symmetrical design, with rich color schemes. Traditional is usually a great fit for any home or room. Think of warm tones, swooping and rounded features, and soft looks.



Farmhouse lighting

Farmhouse design is a fun little style best suited for country living (or any living place you want to feel southern). Lots of reds, paisleys, oak and barn woods. It doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly cowboy either – simple hints of wicker baskets, or lantern lighting can help add a touch of farmhouse in a sophisticated manner.

With lighting – lanterns with dark features such as oil rubbed bronze, or even black finishes are a really great farmhouse look both inside and out. Wooden lights are also popular, as are drum chandeliers.


Mountain Modern

Mountain Modern Lighting1

Mountain modern is one of our favorite designs we see used in Park City quite often. It has just a touch of rustic with a modern twist – lots of clean lines, with deep rich tones. Hanging pendants and mountain modern exterior lights are the most common, but you’ll find great mountain modern entryway lights as well.


Rustic Lighting

Rustic or “cabin” style decor is usually best suited for mountain homes looking for that classic cabin look and feel. It is a very distinctive style with bare plank floors, log features for interior architecture on doorways and ceilings. It can be warmed up with decorative rugs, and goes well with craftsman lighting.

For lighting, deep amber tones, wrought iron, bronzes, hammered fixtures, and faux wood or antlers work great in a rustic themed home.


Coastal Lighting

Think of any Nicolas Sparks movie you’ve seen. The house was most likely set on the beach with white washed walls and popping blue window shutters. This is what people tend to envision when they think of coastal decor (or at least the “American coastal” version – there is a lot of dispute about what constitutes coastal decor depending on what location you are in.)

Whites, blues and golds along with beachy sand colors make for an excellent color pallet for this design. Use of open lighting (as well as very tasteful, bright lighting fixtures) will help transform your room into a nautical haven.



Urban Lighting

Urban design incorporates a lot of non-traditional materials and fixtures to create a unique look all on it’s own. Urban design is commonly used in small, cramped spaces to give visual appeal. The furniture is typically low-key, while the fixtures are utilitarian. It is definitely one of those “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” styles, with lighting fixtures being a great focal point in the room.



Restoration Lighting

This is one of the most popular styles for 2015 right now. Everyone is wanting that industrial look without the big price tags. Industrial is a mash up of salvaged objects and re-purposed items. It is known for it’s uniqueness and flair to draw the eye.

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