How to be Prepared for Your In-Store Appointment 

At Galaxie Lighting, we believe in giving you the best service possible – that’s why we offer custom, in-store consulting to go over every aspect of your lighting needs! Our lighting design experts will help you determine the shape, size and style of lights to suit your house. And the best part? It’s free!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your consultation so we can help you in as quick and effortless way as possible.

Call for an appointment after your home is wired:

We are more than happy to help walk-ins, of course, but it’s best to call and schedule an appointment with one of our lighting experts. That way, you’re guaranteed one on one time to go over all of your needs.

If you are building, the best time to begin your lighting consult is when your house has been wired or had a four-way inspection. This allows us to have enough time for your fixtures to be delivered, which is typically 2-3 weeks. If you are doing a remodel – you are welcome to schedule an appointment any time, just be aware that the shipping time is the same.

Bring in examples:

We LOVE when clients bring in examples! Whether it’s from our site, Pinterest, or Houzz (you can follow us on both for ideas), it helps our experts know your style when you’re able to bring in pictures of what you have loved. We can usually order the exact one, or find something similar that would better suit your price range.
Also, become familiar with style types and finishes that you have liked. If you know you hate chrome, it’s easier for us to steer you towards all oil rubbed bronze, for example. Even shapes come into play here: bell, round, and square glasses all give a distinct look, and come in different colors and transparencies. By having an idea of what you prefer, our experts can point you in exactly the right direction.

Create a wishlist:

Another easy way to help make your appointment run smoothly is to create a Galaxie Lighting wishlist beforehand. That way, all your consultant has to do is pull it up, and you’re ready to start ordering or make any changes you might need.

Have a budget in mind:

There is no such thing as a house without a budget – even the mult-imillion dollar houses that we have assisted have budgets for each aspect of their home. Rest assured that we are prepared to handle any budget and still find you the style that you need with light fixtures and fans that you will love.

Prepare to spend at least an hour to two hours:

A lighting consultation is a very in-depth meeting that goes over every fixture, from the tiniest flush mount to the biggest chandelier. We leave no stone unturned going over your house lighting needs, so please be prepared to spend an hour to two hours with our lighting design consultant. We want you to love the lights you buy from us, and not feeling rushed is part of that process.

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